Dear Manner Fan,

Thank you very much for visiting!
We loved to see all the positive reception around our special offer of individualized gift packages. You made it possible for us to reach our goal of bringing sweet, personal gifts to the ones you love.
Manner Fans are the best!
As the offer has ended, we have summarized relevant information below.
Sweet regards,
Your team Manner.

I am interested in purchasing an individualized Manner gift package:

The offer of individualized gift packages with name sleeve ended on 2017/05/14.

For B2B we offer personalized sweets that can be used as gifts for customers and partners. You can find our assortment here.

I require information on my order:

All successfully placed orders will be processed. Delivery takes four to six work days from the time you have placed your order.
For questions on open orders, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or +43 1 890 10 45.

I would like to buy other products from Manner:

Thank you! It is great you are interested in other sweets from Manner! Our full assortment is available at our partner’s website, From wafers to gingerbread to memorabilia - you will find everything the heart desires. Enjoy browsing the pink world of Manner!

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